So much comes with having a baby, whether it's your first or fifth, no matter how they're birthed or who is raising them, every family is different and deserves all the love and support they can get. Don't know where to start or who to turn to? Need a helping hand? You're in the right place, I am here to walk this journey with you.


L E T' S  M E E T

I'm Lauren

The doula field has been calling me my entire life, wherever the babies were, that's where you would find me. This passion for childcare would lead me to start babysitting as a young teen and transitioning into nannying as a young adult. Nannying is where I eventually decided that I wanted to take this passion and make it a career. As a doula, it is my priority to support families to the best of my abilities, physically and emotionally. I understand the sacredness of my role and never take being there for you as anything less than the honor it is. Whether it's holding your birth story over a cup of tea or showing your partner some ways to soothe your little one, I nurture you so you can nurture them. 

Nonjudgemental support is the name of the game here. Your family, your values, I will provide resources, education, tips and tricks that fit into whatever parenting style you feel best about. If you're not sure - don't worry, we will figure this out together, you aren't in this alone. My goal is to leave you feeling confident in your abilities, reassure you that you are great at this and answer any questions you may have.

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W H A T  I S  A  D O U L A ?

I Support:

- Your Choices

- Your Labor

- Your Body

- Your Family

I Hold:

- Your Hand

- Your Space

- Your Privacy

I Answer:

- My Phone

- Your Text

- Your Email

- Your Questions

I Trust:

- You 

- Your Body

- Your Baby

- Your Partner

- The Process

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Marigold Doula is committed to providing an inclusive space in the birthing community, for too long there have been too many people that feel they do not have a place here. Here it is, you are welcome here.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area, Aren't sure if you fall within my distance limits? Contact me and I'll make sure you're taken care of!

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